My own view about me...

“I am a very humorous human. I am spontaneous, enterprising and sportingly. I like to go eating and into the cinema. I also like to spend time with my friends.”

The views from my friends and family...

Brigitte Wagner / Trainingspartner:

“I know Tom since the kindergarten. Sedi is a grim sportsman, he is training very hard. But he can also be a quite sympathetic chaot. He looks good and he has a muscular body, but he is a little bit to meagre although he eats for three (where does this food destroyer put all that things?!) As fellow-sufferer in injuries we already undertook a few joint visits to Dr. Jägemann.

Good luck for the new season, Sedi”

Stefan Götz / 3rd managing fanclub “Mattendeife Siegfried 01”: 

“Indeed I do not know “Sedi” since the kindergarten like Brigitte but first since about two years. However in this short time I can say one thing of sure about Thomas. That is that he is a very nice guy with him you can willingly have the one and other fun outside his training times. Since his fight in the final in Luckenwalde he will be remain in the remembrance of the people of Hallbergmoos in any case...”


last Update:
19. September 2006